Different Type of Seals

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Seal Designs

Today we will be talking about seal designing. Seal designing is for people who really like seals or just do it for fun.

Its not hard to do seal designing, not at all in fact, seal designing can be fun.

Seal designing can be a good thing because you can try decorating your seal to make it more fancy, or customize your seal to make it more playful. It can be a hobby for some people. Seal designing is something you can do in your free time or do it while your going on a trip. All you have to is bring a some papers and colors. This activity is a great for going on long trips when your bored or you can go to the beach or the ocean and see some seals that you can try to copy and then try to decorate it. Come on, try to do something new, it can be a side activity if you your bored to play games, or read a book. Seal designing is the perfect activity for people who like to draw. You can use the seal you customized to and put it up on your door , or you can put it up on a wall. Seal designing is a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. You can be creative with your seal, use your imagination, do whatever you want to your seal , it is your seal make it the way you want your seal to turn out. Honestly, anybody can decorate a seal. It’s very simple and easy. You can decorate a seal depending on what season it is or what holiday it is. For example, if it’s Christmas it would be a great idea to decorate the seal with Christmas stuff like wearing red and green. It would also be a good idea for the seal to wear an elf hat, a Rudolph nose, and/or a cross. There’s also many other things that associate with Christmas and that would take a while to put it all down. So now do you get what I’m saying about decorating a seal? I hope you do. This activity is fun for the family, for you, relatives, friends, cousins, and more. So when the holidays start coming up whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Hanukkah for all those Jewish people reading this or maybe your not Jewish but you celebrate Hanukkah anyway, you name it. Whatever holiday is coming up for you, it would probably be a good idea to decorate your seal based on that holiday and/or season. coming up. Am I right? I think so.  I think we’re clear on that whole decorating your seal based on that holiday, season thing. For those who arent really that interested in seal designing you should probably try it out and maybe you’ll like it. You know what they say or at least most people say, “Try new things.”  Seriously, and maybe one day you’ll be preaching and persuading people to be seal designers.

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